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How to Keep Your HVAC Condensing Unit Healthy

If you have a split HVAC system, your system is made up of two basic components. An outside unit, and an inside unit. In this article I am going to focus on the outside unit. This unit is known as the Condensing or Compressor Unit. The purpose of this...

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What You Need To Know About Aluminum Wrapping

  When it is time to update your siding of your home, depending upon the type of siding you are installing, it is often recommended that you have the wood trim around doors, windows, fascia, soffits, etc wrapped with aluminum. This type of...

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Understanding Your Electrical Service and Safety Hazards to Avoid

      Understanding Your Electrical Service and Safety Hazards to Avoid Your electrical service comes from the utility point of connection at the street to your electric meter used for billing. The service then enters the main...

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5 Footing Concerns Found During Home Inspections And How You Can Prevent Them

The man-made portion of the foundation of a home starts with the footing, the first building component that contacts the supporting soil. A footing that is designed and built well is one with these characteristics: It is supported properly with...

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