A Common Error Found with the Roof Decking Installation

Roof decking is supposed to be installed in such a way that it provides the roof covering with a solid base to attach to and a strong support to transfer snow and wind loads. In order to provide this strong and solid base, the roof decking is to be properly sized and supported itself. One common error I see during home inspections is improperly sized sections of the roof decking at the roof ridge.

My Job:

When inspecting the roof structure of a home from the attic and exterior I am looking for signs of structural failure and damage related to improper installation, improper modifications, or water penetration. The roof ridge is a very important area to evaluate for these types of defects. The size of the roof decking greatly influences its ability to support loads. The smaller a section of decking is, the greater the chances that it will be damaged. Many times the ridge area of the roof is where small sections of decking are installed. As a result many times I find these sections of the decking damaged as the photos below indicate.

The significance of this is that the damaged sections leave the ridge vent for the roof covering unsupported and the fasteners for the ridge vent loose. This can result in a damaged and loose roof vent or even leaks.

The fix for this is to replace the small sections with a larger section of roof decking, or provide better edge support for the small sections.


Make sure your roof covering is properly supported by inspecting your ridge vent or contacting me to perform the inspection. It would be my pleasure to serve you. When you really want to know, contact Adam Duncan of Duncan Home Inspection Services, LLC.