pre-purchase home inspections hendersonville nc and morganton nc

New Construction & Home Warranty

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When you really want to know the condition of your new home prior to your final walk through or prior to your home warranty expiring, trust Duncan Home Inspection Services to give you peace of mind.


There are thousands of building components involved in constructing a new home, and most builders are not building your home. Instead they are contracting the work to many subcontractors that they must oversee. Many builders are great at what they do, but managing the building process can be overwhelming for builders. With so much involved in the construction of a home, it is not unusual for them to unknowingly miss areas that need repair or correction. I can help fill in the gaps, and ensure everything is complete prior to moving in or prior to your home warranty expiring.


I know new homes are typically inspected by county code officials, but these inspections are often not thorough enough to uncover defects, and the inspector is looking for code violations rather than functionality. This is a different point of view than what a home inspector has. I am looking for functionality trying to answer the question, "How does the home function as a whole system, and are those systems installed functioning properly?" I am trained to understand how each system and their components operate interconnectedly with one another. With this point of view of the home I would love to serve you in identifying deficiencies, errors, and inadequacies in the systems and components of your new home that need to be addressed, corrected, and repaired prior to moving in and prior to the end of your warranty.

pre-purchase home inspections hendersonville nc and morganton nc

During a new home inspection or a home warranty inspection I will be an objective third-party inspecting the following components in order to give you a helpful repair list of items that may have been missed:


  • Structure
  • Exterior and Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Interior
  • Kitchen appliances

You will also be informed about any safety concerns that could adversely affect the property or result in serious personal injury.

After the inspection and when repairs have been made, I offer a recheck inspection. This inspection includes looking at items that were repaired and providing an additional report as confirmation of repairs. The purpose of the recheck is to inform you that repairs have been completed. I highly recommend having a recheck after repairs have been made.

Ensure your new home is complete before you move in or before your warranty is up. Call Duncan Home Inspection Services today at (828) 551-1583