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When you really want to know the condition of your home prior to listing it for sale, trust Duncan Home Inspection Services to prepare you to make your home fit for purchase

Duncan Home Inspection Services would love to help prepare your house to present itself as a well maintained and safe home for potential buyers. I am proficient at completing pre-sale home inspections for those who want to put their property's best foot forward on the competitive home sales market.


Would you like to be equipped with essential knowledge about your home’s current condition in order to prepare it for the competitive home sales market? Do you want to prevent unwanted surprises during the buyer’s home inspection? Duncan Home Inspection Services can help by providing you with a picture of the general condition of your home so you can make the necessary repairs to ensure it is in good shape for potential buyers.  


Realtors are required to recommend buyers have a home inspection prior to purchase, and about 80% of home buyers hire home inspectors. Your home will be inspected at some point. To the untrained eye, many homes look fine, but a home inspector is trained to thoroughly inspect every accessible detail of the home. All homes need some repairs and corrections, even new homes. Unless you have had the home inspected annually, many defects often go unnoticed and accumulate over the years. My pre-listing inspections can help you have a realistic view of your home. Defects will be found at some point, and it is best that you have the upper hand by being the most informed about your home before listing it to sell.  


By knowing the repairs your home needs ahead of time and taking the time to make those repairs, you can ensure that you are not given a long repair list from potential buyers. You can be knowledgeable about how to price your home better, and sell as is, skipping time consuming negotiations. You can present your property in a marketable manner giving buyers a better peace of mind about purchasing your home.  
During a pre-listing home inspection I will make an objective examination of what needs to be repaired or serviced on your home to get it noticed quickly and to get your home through to closing. With the pre-sale inspection, you’ll learn about the condition of your residence’s most important systems, including: 

  • Structure
  • Exterior and Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Interior
  • Kitchen appliances

You will also be informed about any safety concerns that could adversely affect the property or result in serious personal injury.  
After the thorough home inspection and when repairs have been made, I offer a recheck inspection prior to listing your home. This inspection includes looking at items that were repaired and providing an additional report as confirmation of repairs. The purpose of the recheck is to inform potential buyers that repairs have been completed. I highly recommend having a recheck after repairs have been made.  

Maximize your home's value before you jump into the home sales market. Call Duncan Home Inspection Services for a pre-sale home inspection at (828) 551-1583 today!


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