Home Maintenance Inspection


There is no such thing as a maintenance free home, and since home maintenance takes time and energy to properly perform, it can be very burdensome to think about.  Despite the negative feelings toward the effort it takes, we must accept that home maintenance is essential in protecting the value and integrity of our homes and ensuring the health and safety of those living in them.  For this reason, getting into the routine habit of having a yearly maintenance inspection performed is very wise.

Caring for your home with a annual check-up is not much different than going to the doctor for a yearly exam. Like a family doctor, the home inspector is a generalists who has a broad comprehension of how your home should function as one whole system made up of many different components. Licensed home inspectors have been trained to discover concerns with the home, and often discover unknown or hidden costly defects and safety concerns that need immediate attention.

Some people find enjoyment in maintaining their home, and typically have no problem inspecting for home maintenance concerns nor performing the home maintenance themselves.  If this does not describe you, then a yearly home maintenance inspection would be a perfect fit for you.

IRBpro Home Sections

During a home maintenance inspection, I will perform an inspection that would include the evaluation of the foundation, exterior and roofing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, & insulation and ventilation. The inspection will identify any of these systems and components of the home that are damaged, not functioning as intended, or are safety hazards. With this thorough inspection you will have a list of items that need repair for that year, and peace of mind that you are protecting the value and integrity of your home and those living in the home.

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