Wood Destroying Insects

Wood Destroying Insects

When you really want to know if your home has been or is actively being damaged by wood destroying insects, trust Duncan Home Inspection Services to schedule a third party wood destroying insect specialist to meet your pest inspection needs.


In North Carolina & South Carolina a common type of termite is called "Eastern Subterranean Termite." Subterranean termites can grow very large colonies with millions of termites, which can do considerable damage in a short amount of time.

Powder post beetles are a beetle species that lay their eggs in the wood. Their larvae then hatch from the eggs and begin feeding on the wood, transforming it into a fine powder or dust as they digest it. Once the insects reach adulthood, they tunnel their way out of the wood, leaving behind tiny exit holes in the wood.

Carpenter bees are an exterior wood destroying pest commonly found on homes with wood siding. They enjoy making holes and tunnels in unpainted or weathered wood to lay their eggs. Another threat with nesting carpenter bees is the woodpecker. If carpenter bees have nested in your home, the woodpecker will drill holes so they can access and feast on the bee's larvae, which can lead to further damage.

Carpenter ants are another pest that are often found in weakened or rotting wood. Once their nests are established, they can continue to damage the surrounding materials.

During a wood destroying insect inspection a licensed wood destroying insect specialist will be contacted by me and will perform a careful visual examination of all accessible areas of your home. The specialist will use sounding and probing of accessible areas particularly susceptible to attack by wood-destroying insects. The evidence the specialist is looking for includes both present and past activity of wood-destroying insects visible in, on or under a structure, or in or on debris under the structure. The specialist will report all visible evidence of wood-destroying insects and any conditions conducive to subterranean termites. Permanently attached decks, porches, storage sheds, etc. are included in these inspections. Outbuildings or other detached structures are not routinely inspected unless specifically requested by the client.

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